Introducing the Lab -'s Official Blog

This is the new VetShopOnline Blog - The Lab. Welcome everybody.


We're excited. The Lab will be a pad where you will find behind-the-scenes views of a fun ecommerce website. It is not just browse, click and buy. We love to showcase VSO's regular involvement in activities such as pet shows, charities, school education and more. We thought it would be a great idea to share these experiences with everyone. Exactly! VetShopOnline is more than just a pet meds website.

You will be a part of wide coverage of important issues that The Lab will be discussing. Issues like animal cruelties, new developments in pet health, legality that revolves around pet ownership and even green initiatives. Here we present an opportunity for all pet owners and any party concerned to participate and leave their view and comment.

So bookmark VetShopLab (Control + d) or click on the RSS feed button to your favorite news portal.

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