What Dog for the White House

I've just been reading the news stories about what sort of dog Barack Obama should buy.  Sure, the President-Elect has some hard decisions coming up, but right now, he needs to deliver on his promise to his two daughters to give them a puppy to reward their support and patience during his campaign for President! It seems that the USA (and the world!) is joining in the speculation on his choice of breed.


On Friday, Obama spoke about his dilema at a press conference. He is looking for a dog which will not upset his 10 year old's allergies, but he and his wife are also keen to adopt a shelter dog. With good humor, he did say...

 "But, obviously, a lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me."

While a decision is yet to be made, it seems that a mixed breed known as a Goldendoodle (Golden Retreiver-Poodle cross) could be a front runner according to insiders, but there are many other breeds which are practical options for allergy suffers. There is no true hypoallergenic dog or cat, as all dogs and cats produce allergens that are in their dander and saliva. However some breeds of dog do produce less dander and some shed little or no hair including poodles,schnauzers, westies, bichons,greyhounds, some terriers.

Previous four legged residents of the white house include Ronald Reagan's dog, Lucky,a bouvier des flandres, the Clinton's chocolate labrador called Buddy, and President Bush's scottish terriers called Barney (who even has his own home page!) and Miss Beasley. For a complete list of dogs and cats in the White House from 1953 to the present, take a look at the Presidential Pet Museum.

What ever breed the Obama's choose, I am  sure all dog owners will agree how much pleasure their new "family member" will bring.

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