Recently we held a small staff Christmas party at the office. Actually, it is the second VetShopOnline Christmas party that we had in a week! The first one, we invited all family members of the staff and retreated into the country side for the day.

At the second party, all of the pets were invited. I think that everyone has a pet (except for me due to where I live). We thought it would be nice to share some of the fun with our readers and customers. So we dressed up the dogs with Santa's hat and Raindeer's horns and made a festive greetings video. Here are some of the pictures taken with my camera before the battery went kaput.

Our staff are awesome!. Each of them came up with a sumptuous treat. We did a Secret Santa. I think we were really happy with our gifts. It is a close-knit working group, so we were able to come up with something cool and close to the recipients' wishes.

The week leading up to Christmas has been abnormally hot in Sunshine Coast hovering around 95F and high humidity. Similar to the common American expression - Christmas in July. But that is what Christmas is like in Australia. We grew up accustomed to family gatherings around the barbie (grill) for a feast, all of our close mates turn up with casual summer outfits, flip flops (we call them thongs here) and heaps of sunscreen. The beaches around Sydney and Melbourne and the other capital cities will be busier with beach goers.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your support. For the past twelve months, we have experienced growth in our business. Without your support, it would not have been possible. There will be more exciting features and products coming your way in 2009. So watch out for it.

We wish you, your family and dear pets - a great, safe holiday and a wonderful new year.

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