Tragic Losses in Victorian Bushfires

Australia was hit by the worst bushfires in its history, with more than 330,000 hectares destroyed, and more than 700 homes razed to the ground in Victoria. Several towns were affected and the death toll is rising fast as firefighters and aid workers make the most of the recent cooler weather in the affected areas.

The confirmed death toll has risen to 181 and authorities are bracing themselves for more casualties.

Marysville is possibly the worst hit town. The destruction exceeds all previous experience.

It is the worst possible start of the year for the families and friends who have lost their loved ones as well as everything they owned. The Australian government and aid workers were quick to act, with millions of dollars worth of aid pouring in via government grants and public donations.

victoria-bushfire2-VSL.jpgAustralians were angry, and sad, when they learnt that the police revealed their strong suspicions that arsonists are responsible for the bushfires. Police confirmed the Gippsland area fires were started by arsonists.

VetShopOnline has donated $1000 to the Victorian Bushfires Appeal 2009. For those who would like to donate (and we encourage you to), click here. The appeal is organised by the Australian Red Cross, and donations can
kangaroo-victoria-busfire-VSL.jpg easily be made online. We send our condolences to the families who are affected by the bushfires and our heartfelt prayers and thoughts are with them.

As the ferocity of the fires abating, we are reminded of selfless human spirit and love shown by the brave rescuers and firefighters.
See how the firefighters saved a Koala, that is now fondly known as Sam.
Koalas are known to be shy and tend to keep their distance from humans or animals. Not this one.

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