Trip to the USA

Dr Mark and I have just returned from a trip to the USA and Canada.

In the US, we spent time in California, Nevada and Arizona and while we have been to the USDSCF2109 (2).JPG many times 
before, we continue to be impressed by the helpfulness of the people and the beautiful country side. Watching the dolphins and seals off Venice Beach in LA was as real highlight, as was Hoover Dam and  the deserts of Nevada and Arizona, although much to my disappointment we didn't see a road runner (clearly I spent to much time in front of the TV watching cartoons as a kid!).

We didn't make it to the Grand Canyon this time unfortunately but we did get to see all the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas! Seeing the re-creations of Venice, Paris, Egypt, and more was just a mind blowing experience.

 We were a little concerned about the welfare of the wild animals kept in some of the Casinos but we made inquiries and where assured that the highest standards are adhered to.

We did not attend any shows involving animals, as we support the stand of organizations like and that it is inappropriate to have animals perform tricks that they would not normally do in the wild, and that such shows have very little or no educational value. We did see some great shows with animals of the two legged variety!

It was not all fun however, and we took the  time to visit various suppliers and service providers we work with to ensure that everything is working smoothly and to see what new animal health products are in the pipeline.

We also got out on the ground and talked to lots of pet lovers about what they are looking for in an online pet med site and how  we could serve our customers better. Just like Australian's, Americans sure love their pets and are not afraid to show it! We even meet some existing customers of  who gave us some  great feedback on how we are performing. Maybe next time we will try and organize some formal way of inviting our customers to meet us and give us some feedback. Of course, in the meantime, if you have something to tell us, just send us an email.

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