Eight Bundles of Trouble

Sheri, one of the great team members in our dispatch department breeds Australian Cattle Dogs. Gemma, one of her bitches recently gave birth to a litter of eight puppies. These eight little mischievous bundles get into all sorts of trouble.

Watching them chase and wrestle each other can easily waste many hours. There are five females and three males in the litter with a mixture of "red" and "blue" dogs.

Sheri's puppies are eagerly sought after and they have gone to pet owners, ranchers and breeders from all over Australia and New Zealand.

The Australian Cattle Dog is a muscular, athletic breed developed in Australia for droving cattle. They also make great and very loyal family pets and are very good watch dogs. They are energetic dogs and need plenty of exercise or a job to do. The Australian Cattle Dog is ranked in the top ten for intelligence in dogs.

The puppies are three weeks old in this photo.

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