Go Team VetShop!

Last Monday, four hardy VetShopOnline.com team members participated in the annual "Race the Rattler" competition in our home town of Gympie, Queensland.

A real family affair, the VetShop team comprised  Dr Mark, our brother  Damien, his wife Suzanna and  one of our other brother's sisters-in-law, Donna.

The competition involves runners (either individually or in teams of 4) attempting to beat the Valley Rattler steam train in a cross country course over 18.5 km (about 11.5 miles).

Each runner in Team VetShop made an enormous effort, with the team placing a decent 48th  (in a field of 59 teams and 170 individuals) with a time of 01:59:23.

vetshopsupporters-smaller.JPGFamily participation did not stop at the runners, with a cheer squad comprising of grand parents, parents in law, brothers, sisters in law, wives, sons, daughters, nephews and nieces ensuring that our runners knew they had our full support. The supporters got to ride on the train as it raced the runners, and the roar as we passed competitors we recognized almost drowned out the clatter of the old steam train on some occasions!

The train itself came in a close second much to the chagrin of the driver (and my old school friend) Peter. It was Peter's first time driving the train in the race (although he had been fireman for a number of years in the past) and I am sure Peter would have preferred it to have been a case of "machine beats man". Maybe next year Pete!

valleyrattler-smaller.JPGFor train enthusiasts, the train raced, No 967, is a beautiful C17, built here in Australia in 1950 and lovingly restored by the great men and women at the Mary Valley Heritage Railway. For more information about the No 967 and the other Valley Rattler trains, click here . I have travelled on historical and heritage steam trains all over the world, and although I admitted I am biased, the trip down the Mary Valley on the beautifully restored Valley Rattler, is a really lovely way to spend a day for people of all ages.

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