Please ask your neighbours if its ok to have a dog

As the world most populated country, China is laying down some rules on dog ownership. On its trial run in a small pocket of the city of Shanghai,  any resident who wish to own a dog (as a pet that is), must obtain a license that requires consensus from a minimum of five other neighbours.


"It is a good way to reduce future conflicts caused by pet dogs," said Chen Mingjun, director of the Luwan District branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

You bet!

It is ideal especially when Shanghai cramped up to nearly 14 million dwellers, and rising. Majority of the population live in 1000 square miles urban area - three times the size of New York city.

Unlike Japan, pet owners in most Asian countries are still struggling with the concept of picking up your dog "mess". The result is a dirty, stinky and filthy city. Which reminds me of Paris!

Do you think it is a good idea? 

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