Pets That Look Like Their Owners

Proving something a lot of us had suspected for a long time, scientists from Bath Spa University (UK) have proven that people are drawn to pets with similar looks.

blonde.jpgIn the study, participants were shown pictures of dog owners and asked to guess whether that person owned a labrador, poodle or staffordshire bull terrier. The participants got the answer right almost twice as often as would be expected by chance. 
In a paper presented at this year's annual conference of the  British Psychological Society's, attendees where told that while participant's answers weren't perfect, they were correct up to 60 percent of the time.

red hair.jpg
Dr Lance Workman who presented the paper,  said there might be a simple logic behind it."If you are of a robust build, you probably get a robust-built dog because you'd want to get lots of exercise," he said. "If you are slight, you might be more likely to have a poodle because you think it needs less exercise."

same smile.jpgBut he warned it was quite superficial and didn't translate to personality. The researchers had first set out to see if dogs and their masters had similar personalities, but questionnaires filled in by owners of labradors, poodles and bull terriers found little difference in their traits and habits.

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