VetShopOnline Out for a Horseride

BeachHorseriding.JPGRecently some of the staff from VetShopOnline had a horseriding experience on one of our local beaches. Sheri, Julie (a friend of Sheri's), Michele and myself went for an early morning ride on one of our beautiful beaches and Barb, another staff member opted for a beach walk. 

Sheri, an experienced rider rode Jaibaru, Julie another experienced rider rode Solly, Michele, a novice rider rode Larry who was an absolute angel for her. I rode Austin who was a cheeky five year old. It was a perfect morning with the sun shining and the ocean as blue as the sky above. There is something about riding a horse on the beach to get you back in touch with nature. Australia is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches with long stretches of white sand and gorgeous blue oceans. We are based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and have many beautiful beaches. Some of our beaches are horse and dog friendly. I regularly take my golden retriever, Ellie to my local dog friendly beach on a Sunday afternoon for a swim. 

What a wonderful way to finish off a weekend. Above is a photo of our horseriding experience.

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