Real Life Pet Detectives

Recent media reports are saying that there is a rise in the "Pet Detective", who, for a fee, helps you track down lost dogs, cats and other pets. A real life "Ace Ventura".

A quick internet search reveals there are dozens of real life Pet Detectives in the greater Los Angeles area alone.

In January, Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock and her husband  hired a pet detective to find their missing pet bull dog Cinnabun.(Cinnabun was found, three weeks after she went missing.)

The trend is not just in the US. Today's Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia) for example, contains a report on Lee Jefferies, a lady who set up pet detective agency "Pet Search 17 years ago.

According to Ms Jefferies, her agency has helped find over 26,000 dogs, cats and birds and even reptiles and she claims an 85% success rate for dogs and cats, and a 40% success rate for birds.

Now there  is a job that the career councilors at school never told me about.

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