Christmas Survey - Is your pet getting a present this festive season?

Ok, we admit that we always put a little something for our dogs under the tree each year, and we'd like to know if you do too.

Please take a second to complete our simple online poll (on right) and let us know how much you will be spending on your pets this festive season. If you don't buy your pet a present but do something else (we know a lot of our customers make donations to local shelters in their pet's name) we'd love to hear about it, so why not let us know in the comments below.

We'll publish the results when the poll closes next week.

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  1. Every year we make a donation to the SPCA in the name of Lila and Fifi.

  2. My wife goes a bit crazy with the gifts for the dogs. Each (we have 3) gets a new coat, a new toy and a bag of treats. I think she treats them better than me :)

  3. I think our 3 rescued cats enjoy surfing the open boxes with tissue paper most of all-- though each one does get a new toy

  4. We put a couple of cans of dog food under the wishing tree at the local market