Our Donation for the Gift Giving Season

Each year the VetShop Team selects a certain number of charities to support during the year. This year we have again chosen  World Vision as our charity for this gift giving season.

Through the World Vision Smiles program,  we've donated an entire stable  with two donkeys, two cows, two goats, four ducks, and six chickens with chicken feed to a community in Zambia. To reflect our appreciation of the most important people to our business, we made the donation  in the name of our staff and our customers.

Like in previous years, we've chosen a gift of farm animals  as they  help to fight poverty on so many levels. Our gift goes towards  agriculture and environment work to help communities grow food for families and restore and improve their environments and combines our love of animals with our desire to help the most needy. We know that World Vision place a huge emphasis on animal husbandry so we know the animals we've donated, as well as helping the community, will also be properly cared for.

For more information on how our donation in your name helps underprivileged communities, visit www.WorldVision.com

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  1. WAY TO GO! What a kind and caring way to take care of people as well as animals around the world. Kudos

  2. Good job. I'm pleased you are helping such a worthy cause.

  3. Best gift ever! Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for sharing.