Survey Results: Spending on pets this festive season

Some American pets are lapping up the benefits of increased consumer confidence these holidays as owners spend more on man’s best friend according to our Festive Season spending survey.

Our survey of nearly 300 American pet owners found that 28% of respondents planned to spend between $21 and $25 on the family pet this holiday season, compared to 23% in 2009.

Around 20% plan to spend up to $10; 22% will fork out between $11 and $20 on their dogs and cats and 19% will pay between $26 and $50 for their pooch’s prezzies.

Cashed-up pet lovers planning to spend between $51 and $100 on their pet this festive season account for 6% of the group (up 1% on last year) while 1% of respondents say they will splurge more than $100 on their hound (down from 2% last year).

Slightly more furry friends are missing out all together this Christmas, with only 6% of owners surveyed saying they will buy their pet nothing compared to 5% in 2009.

Dr Mark Perissinotto our head vet said despite all that we are hearing about economic “doom and gloom”, the survey shows that pet owners were not crossing their animals off the Christmas gift list.

For many people their cat or dog is very much a part of the family so perhaps it’s only natural that they should want to share the joys of Christmas gift giving with them.

Dr Mark suggests pet lovers buy presents that will improve the quality of life of both the animal and the owner, such as a new collar and leash to encourage more exercise, a tooth cleaning kit or if you of course, you might prefer a donation in your pet's name to your local animal shelter.

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