Cutest Aussie Baby Animal

We know it's cold in the US, but in Australia it's hot (and wet!) and it's coming up to Australia Day (like 4th of July but for Aussies).

VetShopOnline's sister website, VetShopAustralia is having a survey to see what Aussies think is the cutest Australian Baby Animal, and we thought it would be interesting to hear what Americans think.

In Australia there are so many cute baby  native animals, including  possum joeys, baby echidnas, baby emus, baby kangaroos (joeys), baby Tasmanian devils and little koala joeys.

We want to know what baby Aussie animal you think is the cutest. Do baby possums warm your heart? Can't see a baby Tassie Devil with out saying "oooh"? Baby Echidnas give you that tingling feeling? Cast your vote on the poll on the right, and we'll announce the winners for Australia Day (26 Jan)!

If you think we've missed your favourite, don't worry, just tell us in the comment section below.

(Photos: Peter Firminger)

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