Koala tops the poll as cutest Aussie animal

The results are in and the Koala has climbed its way to the top of the tree coming in at first place in our Australia Day survey to decide who is the cutest Aussie baby animal.

How Cute!
The furry creature easily took the cutest native animal crown after gaining 48% of the total votes on our nation-wide poll.

The kangaroo bounced back gaining 16% of votes which also tied with the possum.  The echidna was next in line after receiving 7% of votes, followed by the Tassie devil (6%) and emu (3%).

The same poll conducted in Australia saw a rather different opinion from voters. The spiky echidna had the competition licked, snaring 26% of all votes on the nation-wide poll.

Closely following was the koala bringing in 22% of the total votes. The possum was seen hanging strong in third place with a total of 20% and we saw the Tassie devil following in fourth place with 15% of votes making the creature just a little more popular than the emu (8%). Bouncing in at last place was the kangaroo securing only 3% of votes.

It just goes to show that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to  vote on our cutest Aussie animal poll.

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