SSL Interruption: UPDATE

Unfortunately a technical issue over the week-end resulted in some web browsers reporting to some visitors to our website that our SSL (security) certificate had expired when in fact was not due to expire until March 18, 2011. THIS PROBLEM HAS NOW BEEN RESOLVED!.

This problem was identified on Sunday and resolved on Monday afternoon. Please note, the error message did not mean our website is unsafe or that any confidential information is at risk. You can read more about why SSL certificates some times give false results and what it means here.

For your information, details of our current security certificate are:

Certificate Information

Subject Alt Names
Common Name
Serial Number 15136
Org. Unit Domain Control Validated - QuickSSL(R) Premium
Org. Unit See (c)11
Country: AU

We apologize to any visitors who have visited our website and received this message and confirm that this issue has NOW BEEN RESOLVED.

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