New Packaging For Frontline Plus

The new Frontline Plus packaging has just arrived! The flea treatment that we all know and love is now looking brighter than ever while still keeping the exact same proven formula that has been protecting our pets from fleas for years.

The new packets are now fully stocked at so expect to see them next time you order your favorite flea control treatment for your beloved pet.

Purchase new Frontline Plus now.

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  1. New frontline plus for cats is different and does not work

    I put it on all 3 cats I have and they still have fleas, the original worked instantly and had a smell to it , the new disappeared I do not see where I applied and no smell

    It's so expensive not to work

    1. Hello, Frontline Plus contains Fipronil (just like Frontline Original) yet has the added ingredient (S)-methoprene which stops flea eggs from hatching. Flea eggs fall from the coats of pets into the surrounding environment where the eggs may remain dormant for up to 12 months, before hatching and latching on to a host animal. However, flea eggs that were already in your pet’s environment will not have been prevented from hatching when Frontline Plus was initially introduced. It may take time to break this cycle. Options such as frequent vacuuming and washing bedding can help to physically remove flea eggs. Check out this article for more information: Frontline Plus is a great option to prevent re-infestations of newly acquired fleas; and with consistent use, can control your pet’s fleas: .