Tarra and Bella - Best Friends For Life

A friendly stroll
For centuries dogs have been considered man's best friend but a recent friendship has seen a slight twist on the concept after Bella the dog has formed an inseparable bond with Tarra the elephant.

The unlikely pair met at an elephant sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee where Tarra had been located for quite some time. Bella arrived as a stray dog and the two haven't left each others' side since.

It became even more apparent of just how special the friendship had become after Bella suffered a serious spinal injury and was forced to be taken into the sanctuary office to recover.

To the staff at the elephant sanctuary complete surprise Tarra did what any true friend would do and stood outside the office the entire time until Bella recovered (despite having 2,700 acres to walk around in).

It really is such a heartwarming story to see two completely different species being able to put all differences aside to become lifelong buddies.

Take a look at the Tarra & Bella video on You tube!

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