4th of July Pet Safety Tips!

The 4th of July is a time to kick back, celebrate and enjoy the many festivities taking place. As pet owners it is extremely important to consider the dangers that surround your pet as the celebrations begin. Follow these simple safety tips to keep your pet out of any possible trouble. 

1. Avoid Fireworks
Fireworks and loud noises can cause pets to react in  a number of different ways. Many can become stressed, anxious and very scared causing unwanted behavior. Keep your pet protected by keeping them as far away from the fireworks as possible. Pets can also be trained to become desensitised to loud noises which can help to reduce the fear they may experience with fireworks. 

2. Guest Cautions
If you plan to have guests over for any 4th of July celebrations keep your pet in a safe place. Check that doors and gates are not left open when guests arrive and depart. Also be cautious not to let people feed your pet any food off the dinner table that might be unsafe.

3. Pet-Safe Travelling
If you plan to take your pet on vacation make sure you are well prepared. Ensure the location you are going to visit is pet friendly and has an area that your pet will be kept safe. Also have your pet micro chipped and wearing an I.D tag at all times in case they are lost.

4. Keep Pets In a Safe Environment
Be sure that if you leave your pet unattended they are in a comfortable and safe environment. Pets that get scared can become destructive and can try to escape. Check that the area your pet has been left is very secure and there is no way that they can get out. Always leave water so they can stay hydrated as well as a toy to keep them from becoming bored.

5. Leave Pets At Home
If you are going to get involved in some 4th of July celebrations it might be better to leave your pet at home away from the action. They will feel more comfortable continuing their normal routine instead of being surrounded by festivals, fireworks and crowds.

Happy 4th of July to you and your pet from all the team at VetShopOnline.com!

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