Dr Mark's Ultimate Pet Grooming Checklist

No shower for weeks, smelling terrible, overgrown long dirty nails, and bad breath - how would that make you feel as a person? I'm sure the answer is pretty horrible! Believe it or not the overall physical appearance of our pets can also shape the way that they feel. A clean and fresh pet is definitely a happy pet. 

Keeping pets well groomed is not only important for their physical appearance but can also prevent them from a number of diseases and health issues. This month's article lets you in on Dr Mark's ultimate grooming checklist to make sure that you are giving your pet the proper grooming attention that they deserve.

Check out Dr Mark's Ultimate Grooming Checklist now!

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  1. Regular grooming is a healthy habit for your dog. And it can be a fun one too, if you start early and give your puppy plenty of positive things on which to focus.

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