The Top 5 Thanksgiving Tips for Pets

Thanksgiving is a fun time for everyone with the family getting together to enjoy feasts and all types of festive fun. With all the excitement taking place it can be easy for us to forget about our pets' safety. Check out the top 5 Thanksgiving tips for pets to make sure you are aware of all the ways to make your pet's Thanksgiving safe and enjoyable.

1. Pet Treats Only
Be careful to watch what your pet is eating during Thanksgiving celebrations. Many foods that are on the table such as chocolate, nuts and fatty meats can cause harm to our pets. Best thing to do is give your dog some pet friendly treats so they can enjoy a little feast to.

2. Keep Doors and Gates Shut
Friends and family will come and go throughout the festive celebrations. Take all precautions and check that gates and doors are being closed as visitors arrive and depart to ensure our pets have no chance of escaping.

3. No Alcohol
Alcohol and pets do not mix so under no circumstances is it ok to share your drinks with your favorite furry friend. Dogs and cats are highly susceptible to the poisonous affects of alcohol due to them being much smaller in size than humans.

4. Have a Designated Pet Area
With a house full of people it can scary for pets so a good idea is to make a little area specifically for them. Put some of their toys, water and a comfortable bed in the room so they can feel relaxed.

5. Rubbish Free Zone
Be sure to dispose of any leftovers and waste to avoid your pet getting hold of anything that might be harmful. Pets are curious creatures which is why all rubbish must be put away properly so they have no chance of getting their paws into trouble.

From the entire team at we wish everybody a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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