5 Quick Tips for a Winter Fit Pet!

Here is 5 quick winter tips for all pet owners to make sure you and your pet keep fit and active this winter!

ok just a few more push ups

  1. Brave the Chill and get outside
    It might be a freezing thought, yet getting outside in winter for a walk is still important. Try to get moving for at least 20 minutes a day to give your pet a chance to exercise. Make sure you rug up and put a winter coat on your furry friend too!

  2. Be Creative indoors
    If the weather is really bad, then try some indoor fun. Activities such as fetching the ball, running up and down stairs and tug of war will let your pet get rid of some energy while staying warm inside. Get your pet some fun toys and let the games begin!
  3. Beware of the Winter Wobble
    Just like humans, winter is the perfect time for pets to put on a few extra kilos. It is important to keep an eye on your pet's eating habits to avoid them adding any extra unwanted weight during winter. 

  4. Organize play dates
    Letting your dog play with other pets can be another great way for them to be active. Have a fellow four legged friend pay them a visit for some fun and games, without you having to even lift a finger.

  5. Vet checks are important
    Be aware that in the colder months your pet will have a much higher chance of suffering from joint pain. The cold weather can make any stiff joints and muscles very uncomfortable, so take your pet for a visit at the vet to make sure they are in good health or purchase some joint supplements.
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