Revolutionary Revolution Sale

Race to today to take advantage of a truly revolutionary sale – we’re slashing our prices with a radical 20% off of all Revolution 6 and 12 packs!

Revolution for Cats offers your pet real protection from external as well as internal parasites; including adult fleas, eggs, larvae and ear mites. Revolution is also a preventative treatment for heartworm disease and an intestinal worming control for roundworm and hookworm.

Revolution for Dogs protects your pup from a range of nasties including the American dog tick, biting lice, sarcoptic mange, ear mites, fleas and is a heartworm preventative. 

All Revolution products are water-resistant after two hours of application and eliminate the necessity for using two different meds to control external and internal parasites.

Check out these ridiculous prices thanks to’s 20% reduction on Revolution 6 and 12 pack prices:

Revolution for Large Dogs 12pk was $199.40, now $159.52!

Revolution for Cats 12pk was $142.79, now $114.23!

Revolution for Very Small Dogs 6pk was $85.92, now $68.74! 

Revolution for Cats 6pk was $72.39, now $57.91!

Visit our website to receive limited time drastic savings on your next Revolution for Dogs or Revolution for Cats purchase! Rave about these special offers to your friends because such revolutionary prices won’t last. Order online at now! 

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  1. Thank you, your timing could not have been better

  2. wow, this is the best price on revolution for cats i've found anwhere! Thank you vet shop people for helping ordinary folks like me with cheaper prices than the vet.