Pet Tips for a Safe July 4th!

Follow these tips on July 4th to make sure your pet stays safe and happy!

Tip 1: Fireworks can be scary to pets and can sometimes cause them to become stressed and anxious, so keep pets away from fireworks and noisy celebrations.

Tip 2:  Some Pets may prefer to stay at home rather than be dragged along to crowded and unfamiliar surroundings. Keep this in mind when heading out to July 4th celebrations and festivals.

Tip 3: If you plan to have guests over for any 4th of July celebrations keep your pet in a safe place. Check that doors and gates are not left open when guests arrive and depart.

Tip 4: Make July the 4th a time to check all your pet's identification details are up to date. Check collars, name tags and be sure they are micro chipped, just in case they run away during all the excitement

Tip 5: Travel safe with pets if you plan on going away. Find pet-friendly accommodation, pack all their accessories, make sure they are safe in the car and stop regularly for drink and toilet stops.

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  1. Do you sell those desensitization CDs that help dogs get used to loud noises like firecrackers?

  2. Hi Anon, yes, we do and right now they are on sale! Take a look here: