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Charity with the most facebook poll votes
VetShopOnline.com’s Paws for your Cause facebook Poll promotion has come to a close. We were delighted to announce the top 3 American animal charities who received the most votes on our facebook poll: Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary, Black Pine Animal Sanctuary and the Wildlife Center of Virginia. Now we have even more pleasure in sharing with you the Paw Profiles of these 3 amazing causes. Firstly, to hear about the efforts of Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary, the charity who America voted into the number 1 position on VetShopOnline.com’s poll, read on to check out their featured Paw Profile:  

Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary provides a safe home for captive-bred exotic animals for the remainder of their lives. They strive to educate the community about the much needed preservation of these beautiful exotic animals and their habitat. The Sanctuary, founded by husband and wife team, Joel and Chemaine, rescues and rehabilitates these animals that would otherwise be put to sleep. This is because such animals, including lions, tigers and cougars, may have been abandoned, illegally obtained, abused or neglected. Forever Wild provides a home for such captive-bred animals that many zoos turn away. As the Sanctuary does not receive any government supports or grants they rely solely on the kindness of their supporters. At VetShopOnline.com we count ourselves among those proud supporters and hope that our donation helps Forever Wild continue to provide a safe home these beautiful exotic animals.

Stay tuned to hear about the other wonderful charities that made it into a poll position within the top 3, who will receive a donation from VetShopOnline.com, in the coming days…

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  1. YEA, they are the BEST...Beautiful animals, clean facility, and caring people who really keep it clean and give these animals a great enviroment to live out their lives....we really enjoyed our visit. Babs and Jen

  2. They do awesome work! Well done VetShopOnline.com for your support!