Final Edition Paw Profile

The much awaited final Paw Profile is finally here: the Wildlife Center of Virginia is the third and final charity to be ranked in the top 3 on our Paws for your Cause facebook Poll as voted by you! At we are proud to be making a donation to this outstanding charity. Read on to hear more about the Center’s cause:

 The Wildlife Center of Virginia is a hospital for native wildlife, dedicated to teaching the world to care about and for wildlife and the environment. This non-profit facility teaches and researches conservation medicine. Since 1982, the Center has treated more than 58,000 wild animals; birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians among them. The Center has gone on to spread their knowledge, having shared the lessons learned from these cases with around 1.5 million school-children and adults throughout Virginia, ensuring their research becomes a legacy. The Center is serious about educating people across the globe about providing medical care for these animals. They have trained veterinary students from every vet school in the USA, Canada and 31 other countries. Hundreds of wildlife medicine practitioners such as vets and veterinary technicians have been trained by the Center as well as wildlife rehabilitators plus students in other conservation fields. In 2007, the Center received America’s highest conservation award – a National Conservation Achievement Award as the Conservation Organization of the Year. Five years on their work is as fantastic as ever, so at we are delighted to present them with a well deserved donation; so they can keep up the great work.

Now that you have read their Paw Profiles, stay tuned for the publication of the Pending Paws Donation to be received by these 3 animal charities, the Three Principal Paws causes in America, as voted by you…

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