Second Featured Paw Profile

It’s time for the second edition of’s Paw Profile! Black Pine Animal Sanctuary received the second highest number of votes on our official Paws for your Cause facebook Poll and they sure deserve it! Read on to find out more about this special cause:

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary is home to over 80 former “exotic pets” and retired “performers”. These captive-raised, non-domestic animals come to Black Pine for the rest of their lives. More than 45 different species roam throughout the 18 acre permanent refuge. Black Pine Animal Sanctuary offers a range of educational programs to inform the community about these exotic animals, endangered species and our favorite topic at – responsible pet ownership. Black Pine does not buy, sell, trade, breed or use their animals for commercial gain. They offer visitors an opportunity to watch and learn about these exotic animals in an intimate park setting. People can interact with experienced staff and participate in supervised tours in an experience unlike any zoo. Black Pine Animal Sanctuary is also known by its legally incorporated name: the Professional Animal Retirement Center Inc.  

Don’t miss our final edition of Paw Profiles featuring the Wildlife Center of Virginia coming soon…

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