Three Paws for your Cause Donations! is donating $1000 worth of both cash and stock to each of the 3 animal charities who received the most votes on our facebook Poll. That's a total donation pool of $3,000!

So Aussie - VetShopOnline’s top dog - has been busy mailing cheques and getting his paws on all his favorite products to make 3 perfect prize packs. Aussie thinks the charities and the animals in their care will absolutely wuf (love) these supplies, including:

Prestige Rope Bones, Repti-Guard Mite Spray, Gripsoft Double-Sided Brush, Kong Extreme, Profender Allwormer for Large Cats, Paw 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo, Play N Learn Twist-A-Ball, a Pet Buddies Bone Bowl and so much more!

We hope the animals at Forever Wild Exotic Animal Santuary, Black Pine Animal Sanctuary and the Wildlife Center of Virginia enjoy our donation packs as much as our Aussie has enjoyed putting them together!

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  1. yay!!! thank you!!! I work at Forever Wild and we are so blessed by your gift!!!