Solution to a Hairy Situation: The Jumbo Lint Roller

Introducing’s newest product: the Jumbo Lint Roller now in stock!
Jumbo Lint Roller

It is natural for pets to shed old hair, as this enables their new coat to grow in.  While some breeds tend to shed more in the spring as they loose their winter coat, shedding does occur all year round; and this can become quite a hairy situation for many pet owners. Pet hair often seems to spread far and wide covering everything including your clothes, couch, car seats, carpet and furniture. Luckily at we have the solution: Frequent use of the Jumbo Lint Roller will help keep you and your home, free from pet hair.

The Jumbo Lint Roller is made from super sticky, high strength adhesive tape to remove stubborn pet hair from all types of material. Grasping the handle, simply peel off the cover sheet to reveal the adhesive layer beneath. Then, roll the Jumbo Lint Roller back and forth on various fabric surfaces to keep your home free from malting pet hair!

The Jumbo Lint Roller’s white paper tape enables you to clearly see the hair, lint and fluff that have been lifted from the garment or furniture exterior. You can continue to use the Lint Roller until the tape is full of debris or no longer sticky. Then, simply peel off the end of the tape roll and tear away to reveal the next adhesive layer. There are 120 layers per pack.

Try the Jumbo Lint Roller on these hairy-surfaces to enjoy the benefits of a pet hair free home:
  • Give your work clothes a quick roll-over to remove pet hair before heading to the office.
  • After a trip in the car, use the lint roller to remove excess hair from the backseat.
  • To avoid a backside covered in fluff, wipe down the couch cushions with the Jumbo Lint Roller before sitting down.
  • Use the Jumbo Lint Roller on carpeted walkways frequented by your pet, in the home.
Buy a Jumbo Lint Roller from now to keep your home free from pet hair all year round!

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