Spring Clean to Prevent Fleas

Many of us take the opportunity to give our homes a thorough clean in spring; which happens to be the best time for pet owners to start their flea control program. By implementing these pet-ticular steps into your spring cleaning regime; you can stop the spread of fleas this season; to keep your pet feeling sensational!

Vacuum Nasty Visitors

Vacuuming your house daily will help to eliminate pre-adult fleas in your pet's immediate surroundings; before they have a chance to hatch and latch on to your pet as a parasite.  The WeatherBeeta Travel Bed is a great bedding option because it can be easily removed and stored in its reusable bag; so you can give your pet's sleeping area a thorough clean. Watch out for cracks and crevices throughout the home.
No Bed Bugs
Washing your pet's bedding weekly will physically remove any flea eggs, larvae or pupae from your pet's immediate environment. Approximately 95% of fleas in the three pre-adult stages live your pet's environment - particularly the areas where they spend a large portion of their time including their bed.  The WeatherBeeta Throw Blanket is an excellent choice for pet bedding, as frequent washing won't harm its anti-pill fleece fabric.

Flea-Free Splash

After mopping the floor you may be tempted to give your pet a good wash, to prevent a trail of muddy paw-prints. Ensure you take note of your pet's flea preventative treatment schedule before giving them a bath. Many spot-on treatments specify your pet should be kept dry for 48 hours before and after treatment, as application to wet skin will make many treatments in-effective. A water-fast flea treatment such as Advocate is a great option.

Comb Creatures Out

It is important to brush your pet's coat regularly in the spring to help your pet shed their winter coat. Frequent brushing also keeps your pet's coat shining. A Gripsoft Flea Comb is a grooming tool which is suitable for both cats and dogs. The fine teeth of the comb help to remove flea eggs from your pet's fur; before they fall into your pet's surrounding environment - your home where they could remain dormant for up to 12 months.  

Flea Checks

It's a good idea to conduct daily flea checks during the spring. This can be achieved by parting your pet's fur around the ears, neck and hindquarters during grooming sessions. Watch out for the presence of flea excrement - which may appear to be brown flecks of dirt in your pet's coat. Moisten the flecks with water on a paper towel. If the dirt is flea faeces it will smear a reddish-brown colour when wet.
Fabulous Furry Friend

Cleaning inside, it just as important as cleaning outside; so groom your pet to purr-fection by keeping their ears dry, free from wax and prevent odours with an ear cleaner, such as Vetalogica Gentle Ear Cleaner. Remove unsightly tear stains around your dog's eyes by using a Professional Groomer Tear Stain Remover. Regular application of a tear stain remover will help prevent tear stain in future; to keep your pet looking fabulous.

Nice Nails
Remember to keep your pet's nails clipped to protect your recently polished furniture and visitors from accidental scratches from long nails. Keep your cat’s nails a safe length with the Gripsoft Cat Nail Clipper or use the Gripsoft Nail Trimmer with its durable spring action handles for any dog breed. For medium or large dogs try the Gripsoft De Luxe Nail Clippers. They have soft grip handles and cutting guards.

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