20% off Itchy Skin Products!

Did you know that one of the most common calls to animal hospitals is because of our pets incessant itching, scratching and skin problems?  There are many possible causes of itchy skin and at VetShopOnline we want to help your beloved fur-friends get relief now!

This season VetShopOnline is offering 20% off selected itchy skin products; to relieve your pet’s discomfort, no matter what the cause of the itch!

Products on sale include:
  • PAW NutriDerm Replenishing Shampoo; a sulphate and soap free shampoo containing rosehip oil, Vitamin B and collodial oatmeal; maintaing skin hydration for an effective and gentle clean 
  • Wound-Guard; helps aid in the treatment of wounds caused by incessant itching and scratching
  • Canine Omegaderm; containing omega oils, zinc and Vitamin E to help maintain healthy skin and coats in dogs
  • Phyoex Medicated Foam; an antibacterial shampoo for the control of hot spots and bacterial dermatitis in dogs.
Use the coupon code ITCH20 when you purchase from 16 selected itchy skin products and receive a huge 20% off!  Offer expires 30th September, 2013.
Take advantage of this massive sale and get relief for your pet now!

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