3 Ways to Show Your Pet Dog How Much You Really Care

Late night snuggles, comforting nose nudges, puppy kisses and wagging tails with puppy dog eyes—these are the ways your four-legged family member expresses his or her love. How do you reciprocate? There are a few ways to show your canine best friend how much you love him or her as well.

Man’s best friend – this is what your dog is to you.  Most pet owners want to take care of their best friend in the best possible manner without having to shell out a huge amount of money.  The good news is that love and attention rather than anything you can buy at the store is what tells your pooch that he or she is much loved.  Petting and gentle handling signals love from you to your canine friends. 

Love and Care

The best way to express your love for your pet is through hygiene and exercise.  Yes, as you share your life with your pet, you also take on the responsibility of being their guardian and provider.  You give them the proper food.  Bones are the best treats, of course, but beware of chicken bones as these are brittle and may easily tear up your dog’s throat and stomach linings.  Baths, hair and nail trims, cleaning the ears and the area around the eyes should be exercised weekly, especially if your dog shares your bed.

Vet Visits

  A quarterly visit to your vet for a check-up is much advised just so you know that your dog is in tip-top shape.  But the most important hygiene of all is listening to your dog.  If you know your canine’s habits, you will immediately recognize if something is amiss.  Sudden meekness in a dog means that your pet is suffering from something.  It could be an interior problem and this will need professional medical response. It can also be from a simple exterior rash.  Exterior situations are usually hygiene oriented.  To relieve your pet of this burden, a regular trim, especially around the eyes, nose and ears is advised.  Bruises because of extreme scratching can be avoided with regular nail buffing and trim.  Do be gentle and not pick on the flesh under your companion’s nails.  If you accidentally do so, that will not only hurt your dog but it will also give your dog a traumatic nail clipping experience not easily forgotten.   

Be Attentive

Giving your pooch attention is all you need if your dog’s hygiene is not up-to-par.  Though dogs are sturdy creatures, they do get sick once in a while.  Everything boils down to hygiene and attention.  Therefore, attentiveness to your dog’s behavior will signal if something is not quite right.

Steven Perissinotto is a passionate pet lover and a pet health professional. Since establishing Vet Shop Online with his veterinary surgeon brother in 1999, Steven has helped establish the business in to one of the world's leading online retailer of frontline plus cats.

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