5 Cat Tips and Tricks for Every Owner

Now that you have a cat, the one thing you need to remember most is that she is not a 4-legged, very short person. Rather, she is a cat. You might also want to keep in mind that your new pet cat will most likely be thinking of you as one giant, peculiar cat. Once you see things from her point of view, so many things become clearer.

Reprimanding Your Cat

As a general rule, most experienced pet owners can tell you that using just one single word as a reprimand is what is best. For instance, gathering strength and using your no-nonsense, firm voice as you say NO is what, for the most part, works. In the event your cat simply ignores this reprimand, using a bottle that squirts out water handy should work. Give your furry 4-legged pet a spritz when she is being naughty and the bad 
behavior will stop.

Electric Cord Chewing

Once you notice that your pet tends to chew on some if not all of your electric cords, you might want to spray them with bitter apple. This is a non-toxic, safe spray with a taste that cats happen to hate.

Carpet Shredding

Even with the convenience of scratching posts available, cat owners sometimes have a problem with their pet shredding their rugs and carpets. When this happens, you might want to check if the particular spot on the carpet that your cat loves to shred in particular has a strong odour. If this is the case, getting an enzymatic cleaner from the pet store and thoroughly cleaning the carpet should do the trick.


Climbing is something that cats truly love to do. If your cat loves climbing the curtains and inadvertently shreds them, vertical blinds might be the perfect solution. You can also put up roller shades or blinds so that there are zero chances of your cat shredding any more curtains. If you love curtains more than anything else and blinds are out of the question, getting a tension rod or two that falls to frighten your cat without hurting 
her when she climbs up is the solution.


To prevent your cat from getting on any countertop or table, what you can do is to stock pans and pots near the counter edges so they fall and clatter when your feline friend jumps up. Velcro strips taped temporarily on counter sides can also cause sufficient discomfort as your pet gets ‘stuck’ on them.

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