Pet Sitting Services

Pet sitters are providers of contracted services that take care of animals or pets at your home.  The industry of professional pet sitting is going through rapid growth at the moment as many animal owners feel that using pet sitters are advantageous compared to options that include traditional pet care. People use pet sitters for many reasons.

Do You Need a Pet Sitter?

There are more than a few reasons people decide to avail of the services of a pet sitter. This includes not having to inconvenience family members, friends or neighbours when you need to be away for some reason. Also, pets do not have to get used to brand new environments whenever their owners are away. Rather, they are able to stay home on their regular routine. When a pet has to stay at a kennel rather than at their own home, there are often less restrictive vaccinations required. There is also less exposure to parasites and illnesses. Since your pet does not have to be transported to any other place, there is no trauma involved that usually accompanies traveling. Pet sitters are highly advisable because of the fact that since pets are cared for in their own houses, there is an overall reduction in the stress they would otherwise have had to go through.

Liability Insurance

Pet sitters who are professional are usually licensed. They also have insurance for liabilities they are responsible for including control of the pets, custody and care. Many sitters are also insured and bonded for theft. Usually, a pet sitter has training such as animal husbandry classes, first aid certification or accreditation for pet sitting. Many organizations for professionals are available to help the pet sitter go through service improvements.

Occupational Licenses

In most locations, there is no requirement for pet sitters to have an occupational license. Often, the term “license’ is used by professionals of pet sitting to refer to kennel licenses or the license to do businesses. There are also permits for animal transportation that are available within the business coverage area. Licenses such as these may not or may be required depending on where the pet sitting business is located. In every area, however, keep in mind that licenses are not always available.

Dog Walking and Vacation Care

Walking the dog is one service that a pet sitter can do. Vacation Care is another service. During pet sitting vacation services, the sitter pays the client’s home a visit as required, many times. Both pet sitters and pet owners determine the exact visit length. On average, this is between 15-45 minutes. Some sitters can also provide house sitting services aside from just caring for your pet, as needed. 

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