6 Tips for a Fantastic Pet Birthday Party Everyone Will Enjoy

Every person loves their pet dog and when their birthday comes around, it is only apt that you throw your pet a birthday party. There are a few ideas you can use to through your pet a birthday he will truly enjoy.


The first thing you need to do is to check what pedigree your dog has. Find the birth date of your dog. If Fido’s birthday is inconveniently on a weekday, you can make the date of the party on one weekend near the birthday of your dog. If there is no pedigree for your dog, you might still want to find a convenient date by checking the calendar. Ensure that the party won’t be on a day that people will be unlikely to make it, such as on a Monday.


In the event you had adopted a dog, you might want to make his birthday the date he was adopted, also known as an ‘adoptaversary.’


Find friends with dogs or pet birds or fish you can send invitations to. Make creative invitations or order special ones made for dogs. Ensure that there is enough for everyone on your list. One example of a cute invitation is, “Come to Fluffy’s Birthday Paw-ty,” followed by the date, time and venue.


When it is time for Fluffy and Fido’s festivities, draw prints of paws that lead to your front door using chalk. Hang poster board cut in the shape of cats, mice, fish or dogs. Do not forget to dress up your pet. Put a mini tutu, tuxedo or party hat on the celebrant and don’t forget to take loads of pictures!

Party Games

Games at the party are going to be fun for all the guests, including the celebrant. Creating an agility course and awards for who completes the course first is a good idea. Holding contests for best costume or best-behaved party pooch are some ideas all the invited guests are sure to enjoy.

Fun Ideas

Make sure that playtime is included in the party. You can fill an inflatable pool with water and have all the guests take a dip. A pet parade is another idea as well as a talent show. Kids at the party can also have their faces painted to look like kittens or puppies. 

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