5 Signs of Stress in Your Pet

Part of keeping your pet in good condition is to know the signs of stress. This way, you can do something to alleviate stress before anything worse happens. Just like in humans, stress tends to bring out the worst in your pet. In addition, you might benefit from knowing that signs of stress in your pet can also indicate other problems. For this reason, ruling out medical conditions when you notice unusual behaviour in your pet is a good idea.

No Appetite

A depressed, sick or injured pet will often lose their appetite or eat less. Pet owners who notice a change in the way their pet eats needs to address this issue immediately. If a medical condition is ruled out, stress might be the cause.


If stroked or approached, an injured or sick pet can become aggressive. On the other hand, with no injury, the stress of your pet can be related to stress.


A pet that is lethargic is a sign that something is amiss. Unhappiness, not enough exercise, poor health and depression can cause lethargy. Stress is another cause of this and usually, to get to the root of the cause, the vet will take a stool samples.


Shedding naturally occurs in all pets depending on their breed. However, this can also be due to your pet not getting enough sunshine, genetics, a poor diet and low quality dog food. When your dog’s skin pores do not close all the way, this also causes excessive shedding. Usually, these conditions can be remedied by Biotin and other vitamins. On the other hand, when vitamins do not help, it may be stress that is causing the shedding and you will need to get rid of the stressor for the benefit of your pet.


Many things are indicated by itching including skin allergies, lice, ticks and fleas. At the same time, a dog or cat that is scratching and itching over and above normal amounts can be a sure sign of stress. First, eliminating the possibilities of allergies, lice, ticks and fleas is a must. Next, consider that this could be an indication of stress. There are new treatments in natural health for pets that are effective in dealing with conditions such as this. Treating discomfort and itching from an allergy and getting rid of the source will alleviate the stress and suffering your pet may be going through. After all, incessant itching will cause discomfort. 

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  1. My daughter has been begging for a dog for some time now and I am doing research on things like what are the best vitamins for dogs and what foods are harmful to them and what signs they make when they are sick. That is my biggest worry, I am not going to notice when the dog is sick. I didn't even know that dogs can be stressed. This was very helpful, thanks so much for sharing.