Depression and Your Pet Dog

Whether you have just brought home a new baby or you have just moved, you might feel that your usually active pet pooch as become listless and withdrawn. Could depression be something your dog is going through? Experts say yes, and add that depression in dogs is not too difference from the kind people feel.
When their owner who used to stay at home the entire day begins taking on a brand new job, your pooch may become listless and sad. Canine depression an also come from introducing a new baby or pet in the family, a recent relocation or losing a companion that was close. When caregivers die, dogs become depressed. If another household pet dies, this could cause them depression as well.

No Words

Of course, no words can be said by your pet to convey that they are indeed depressed. For this reasons, the owners that love them need to proactively look for depressed signs in their furry pals. Seeking the advice of your vet will help rule out possible medical issues as well.

Symptoms of Depression in Dogs

Reportedly, it seems as if depression in dogs is not unlike the kind people feel. Dogs become inactive and withdrawn, with changing in sleeping and eating habits. They are not interested in things they used to love.

What the Vets Say

Vets and animal specialists do not really know if depression in dogs is exactly the same as the kind in people. However, based on the way dogs behave, this does seem to be the case. It is not uncommon for your pooch to feel down once in a while.  When changes occur in your lives, dogs do seem to suffer but it is not common for them to suffer depression long-term.

What to Do

Once you notice a marked change in the behaviour of your dog, it is time to give your pooch more attention. For depressed-looking dogs, spending more time with him may alleviate his mood. Make a real effort to go on brisk strolls in the neighbourhood. Get involved with sports for canines, if these are available in your community. You will both become more active and healthier as a result. Get your dog out of the house and seeing more of nature, other dogs and other people. You might be surprised when this is all it takes to help lighten the heavy depression your dog happens to be feeling. 

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