Dress-Up Tips for Your Pet

The right accessories and clothing can protect your pets from harsh elements but also help your pet standout from the rest. A pet that is dressed well ensures that you not only get attention but also helps you find your pet with ease, when he is lost in a crowd. There are many available options to choose from when it comes to pet gear. Aside from the broad array of pet supplies such as canine health products, food, leashes, toys, beds and collars, there are also pet shoes and clothing. There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to buy your dog clothing.

Staying Safe

One important concern when it comes to pet clothing is safety. The clothing you purchase needs to be made with material that is retardant to fire. They should not have small beads that your pet pooch can swallow and avoid studs, buttons and pockets for the same reason. Zippered clothing should be avoided as well, as these can get tangled in your dog’s fur.

Quality Counts

Clothing made of fabrics with high quality is essential. You may be tempted to buy gorgeous outfits made of polyester but it is recommended that you stick to cotton or cotton-blends exclusively. Not only are these the most hypo-allergenic fabrics you can find, they are comfortable to wear and will keep your pet cool. Some dog species tend to overheat and when this happens, remove the item of clothing immediately.

If your dog has never before worn clothing, you will need to introduce him gradually to different items. Begin with easy-to-wear, smaller items such as shoes or a t-shirt. If your pet keeps scratching or biting the clothing than immediately remove these.

Build and Size

Consider your pet’s build and size and choose gear accordingly. Each dog breed has a build that is unique and there is no such as thing as ‘one size fits all’ in this case. Keep in mind that tight clothing tends to suffocate dogs but also loose, flapping clothes can cause them to get caught in furniture or trip.

Your Budget

So you don’t overspend on clothing for your pooch, sticking to your budget is essential. On the other hand, remember that your dog will not require too much fabric and you might want to consider making clothing rather than buying. This way, if your dog hates his outfit, you did not waste too much money.

Steven Perissinotto is a passionate pet lover and a pet health professional. Since establishing Vet Shop Online with his veterinary surgeon brother in 1999, Steven has helped establish the business in to one of the world's leading online retailer of frontline plus cats.

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