Training Older Pet dogs

When a new dog becomes a member of your household, after the initial excitement the next concern actually is how to train him. Naturally, younger dog will be easier to teach basic house training and obedience. On the other hand, a dog that is older may be harder to teach. Remember the old adage ‘teaching old dogs new tricks?’ You might wonder whether this applies to you.

Far From the Truth

However, experienced dog owners know that this is not true. The way to go about doing this is to begin training your dog with little regard for his age. In other words, treat him the way you treat a puppy when it comes to training. Not only will training your dog help you enjoy a bonding moment, it is a step that is crucial to his being part of your household. You need to win his trust and develop a loving, caring relationship with him. Go for walks, talk to him and have play sessions. It will take time for trust to develop and once this happens, you can begin to train him no matter how old he is.

Older Dog House Training

Once you notice that your dog is doing his business in the wrong places within your home, first check to see if he has a problem medically. It is always better to get a vet to clear out any medical problems an adult may have, such as being incontinent. Once this has been ruled out and it turns out your dog needs training, you can move on to the next step.


You need to keep a consistent schedule of feeding for your dog and take away his food once he is finished. On a frequent and consistent schedule, you need to take him outside. First thing in the morning is when to take him out and last thing before bedtime. It is also important to take him out to do his business before he is left alone or confined.

Four Times a Day

 A house dog that is fully trained needs to eliminate at least four times each day in the outdoors. At the start, look for signs that he does before he has to go ‘to the bathroom,’ such as acting restless, circling, whining or pacing. This might mean it is time to go potty. Before you know it, your older dog will have learned some new, practical tricks.

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