4 Tips for Establishing a Good Pet Routine at Mealtimes

For your dog, mealtimes are important every day. Your pet will know around what time he gets to eat each day if you feed your dog at specific times. If you don’t follow the usual time, this can upset or cause anxiety in your pet. Whether you noticed it or not, routine is something pets love in their lives. It gives them a sense of security and order. Generally, a good routine is something you should try and establish.

Free Feeding is Not Recommended

It is never a good idea to feed your dog freely. This means putting a large supply of dog in his dog dish and letting him eat whenever he pleases. When it comes to free feeding, there are many disadvantages. As a matter of fact, many freely fed dogs end up obese or near obese, which can add to their health risks. Also, when you free feeding and own 2 or more dogs, you don’t know if each dog gets an amount that is fair. One dog could be over-eating and the other one may be underfed.

Pick a Time

It is ideal for you to pick a feeding time that is convenient for you as well. This can be once in the afternoon and once in the morning. It is not a good idea to feed your pet too late at night as they will need to go out and do their business. The important thing to remember is to feed your pet the same time daily. Dogs happen to have a good timing sense and your dog will expect food to be given to him around the same time each day.

Routines for Meals

You can easily establish a good routine by getting your dog fed 1 or 2 times each day. Many pets do well on two meals a day while other smaller dogs are fine with just 1 meal. Giant or large breeds that may get bloated include breeds like Labradors, Great Danes or German Shepherds. These breeds might do better by getting fed two times a day as this prevents them from bloat.

You are the Pack Leader

Mealtime is a time you can use to establish your role as the leader of your pet, while brushing up on manners. Many dogs bark, jump and demand their food, sometimes knocking down their plate from their owner’s grip. When this happens, require your dog to sit before placing his food on the floor. Your dog will realize you are the leader and that he must behave before he can get his plate of food.

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