Ask Dr Mark: Doggy Diets

Hi animal lovers.  Naomi here, VetShopMax’s Marketing Manager.  Did you know that our resident vet Dr Mark (a.k.a the Leader of the Pack) is also PETS Magazine’s resident vet; answering reader questions on all types of pet problems and peculiarities? 

PETS Magazine is Australia’s highest selling pet publication and over the next few months I’m going to be posting the most popular questions posed by Australian pet owners; and by most pet owners worldwide. 

So sit back, relax and enjoy the first of many blog posts by Dr Mark.

Q: Hi Dr Mark, I’ve got a pet Staffy, Harley, and she’s four. I want to change her diet to something else as sometimes her poo is runny, but I was wondering do I have to introduce new food slowly? And is there any brand or product you’d recommend? Mia.

A: Hi Mia and thanks for your question. It’s always better to introduce a new diet slowly over about two weeks. Start adding a small amount of the new food, increasing the proportion given each day until after two weeks only the new diet is given.

I recommend the premium type dried food for most adult dogs. Brands such as Hills Science Diet, Eukanuba or Royal Canin are all good. Premium brands may appear more expensive when first bought, but as they are more nutritionally dense, less is fed each day. A premium commercial food is convenient and suits most pet owners. As well as dried food, don’t forget to give Harley some fresh uncooked bones to keep his teeth healthy.

Alternatively you may like feed Harley a home cooked meal. Home cooked/prepared meals can be economical and allow for different nutritional needs our pets may have. Before preparing food at home it is recommended you research recipes online, learn what can and can’t be fed to dogs and discuss with your vet any specific requirements your pet may have.

Thanks Dr Mark and thanks Mia.  Nutrition is definitely one of the key factors that determines your pet's health, no matter where you live, and providing a nutritious diet is an important part of being a responsible pet owner.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few coming weeks as we delve a little deeper in pet nutrition and take at look at homemade pet food recipes.  Knowing exactly what your pet is consuming can give you added peace of mind and reassurance that their getting what they need to maintain optimal health; and it's super tasty and cheaper too!

Until next time, take care.


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