Top 3 Dog Breeds With The Best Sense Of Smell

Did you know humans have approximately 5 million scent receptors? Sounds like a lot until you compare that with our canine friends. All dogs have a very powerful sense of smell, however some breeds have a pretty outstanding talent when it comes to sniffing out different scents. Have a read of the top three breeds with the best sense of smell.

3. Scent Receptors: 220 million

Coming in at number three, the Beagle. He might be one of the smallest of the hound breeds, but the beagle has just has many scent receptors as the German Shepard. Beagles can follow air and ground scents and are not only popular with hunters, but also with the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, which employs the dogs to detect contraband in airports.

2. Scent Receptors: 220 million

Coming in at number two, Basset Hounds are considered to have the second best scenting ability. Basset hounds are low to the ground and get their name from the French word ‘bas’, meaning ‘low’. Along with their compact size, basset hounds use their long, heavy ears and loose skin beneath their chin, known as a dewlap to trap the scent.

1. Scent Receptors: 300 million

And first place goes to… the Bloodhound! Cousins to the basset hound, bloodhounds are framed for their man-trailing abilities and are so reliable that his evidence has even been admitted in court. With their large figure, long head, a nose with large open nostrils, long ears and cape of loose skin around the neck, it is no wonder this breed is the perfect tracking dog.   

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